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Tbc has doubled in value for the 28th time.

TBC has Doubled in Value for the 28th Time

As of today, we are officially 18 months old!  We have just doubled in value of the TBC coins for the 28th time today and that means we only have 12 more doubles left within the wealth creation phase of the roll out of the TBC economy.  I recall many naysayers saying 17 to 18 months ago:  “Who is going to be willing to buy a coin that cost $10,000 let alone one that becomes a billion dollar coin?”  O ye of little faith LOL!  People are even more excited to buy some TBC today than they were at the beginning when you could purchase a TBC coin for less than a cent.  True, most can’t afford to buy a full TBC coin today, but Kringles makes it just as possible to enjoy the benefits of automatic wealth creation as did the TBC coin when it was less expensive.

In the early days of TBC so many people thought that the objective of gathering a billion people to use our coin was like climbing Mt. Everest.  Scared the majority away back then.  But look ho…
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Top 4 facts about life. Don't go to college because of these reasons

Don't go to school because of these reasons

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It's college I think, that's nice. Wait, have you asked yourself why you need that degree?.According to this survey many college students attended college to get better financially.
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Sometimes Requires Us to Take Two Steps Backwards in Order to Move

I can relate to the sleepless nights of Edison who failed over and over again to solve the mystery of a functional light-bulb as we press forward to build the 1st “Abundance-Based” currency.
I can also relate to the great Steve Jobs who failed many times publicly, and through all the embarrassment and emotional fits of rage and depression managed to build one of the greatest computer empires.

9 Lifestyle changes you need to start making in order to form new habits

In life, as you reel on, on the treadmill of life and as we live daily in every  society we find yourself. And you just woke up one faithful morning and say;         "I really need to change my Focus"      "what's wrong with me"      "I need to change my habits"  Many a time, these changes you want are only fused on one thing, and what's that?.  Your habits!  Habits are daily behaviors you act or let's rather say that habits are behaviors you ensue daily. There are thousands of habits but not all of them are great depending on your perception. So when, they take the best out of you in a negative way, then you say you need a change.

Tbc has doubled it's price


We just Doubled in the Value of a TBC coin for the 27th time at € 150,083.79.  We are growing fast and now have 632,441 Verified Members in the TBC community!  I expect that in less than a month we will have 1,000,000 Verified Members and the Testers should all be ready by then to set up their accounts with the Fiat Bank Exchange.  At that point, we will prove that TBC can easily be converted to a Fiat currency with just a few clicks of the mouse at full value!  Most of the TBC transactions are going through and confirming in about 8 hours, at this time.  Our coin development team are still tweaking the code so that it confirms faster and faster.

Tbc updates

Updates About TBC

We will have scheduled maintenance for Kringle Cash Website on Sunday between 3PM to 6PM EST.  This means you will not be able to use the website until maintenance has been completed.

You can use kringles to promote your business

Our Gift of Kringles Can Be Used Officially to Promote Any Business

I want to personally thank Robert Miller for reviewing our recent milestone article on his YouTube channel, the Voice of TBC, Bitcoin Randy, could not have done a better job of it. So, Robert Miller, I appreciate your voice too, as I do with many of our faithful YouTube promoters of TBC. Thanks to all of you!